The collapse of Monarch Airlines: Q&A

octobre 9, 2017


The collapse of Monarch Airlines: Q&A

1. I am one of the 110,000 passengers, what will happen now?
« The government has asked the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to initiate a large repatriation operation, so the passengers who are already abroad awaiting a Monarch flight home will be returned at no cost to them. The CAA is matching as closely as possible the airline’s original schedule, however there might be some disruption in the original travel plans. »

2. If I fly home on a different airline, will I have to pay again?
« Passengers that travel in two weeks after the 2nd of October will not have to pay again. Even if they are flight-only passengers without an ATOL-certificate. Passengers should not go to the airport when they have no yet heard anything about their change in flight! »

3. Am I ATOL-protected and what does this mean?
« Passengers are ATOL-protected if they booked a holiday with a UK travel company. This means one will not lose money or is stranded abroad if the company collapses, as is here the case. The CAA will sent forms to file the claim to ATOL-protected customers, using the contact details that were provided at the time of the booking. If you want support from FlightClaimEU in filing this claim, please contact us! »

4. So, is this the case when I booked a package holiday with Monarch?
« Yes, passengers that bought a package holiday through Monarch while the license was still in effect (up until midnight on October 1st) will be ATOL-protected. »

5. But what if I booked a flight only with Monarch?
« Passengers that have booked a flight only, will not be ATOL-protected. UNLESS one bought tickets before December 15, 2016. »

6. If I’m not ATOL-protected, what to do?

Travel insurance
Passengers can check their travel insurance policies, but it is very likely that insurers will NOT pay out in this type of event.

Payment by credit card
According to the Customer Credit Act, when consumers pay something on a credit card with a cost between £100 and £30,000, the credit card company is jointly liable. So if passengers paid Monarch DIRECTLY on a credit card with the cost of AT LEAST £100, one should get in touch with the credit card firm and ask to make a claim for any costs not received. However, making such a claim can be problematic. Let FlightClaimEU therefore support you and let us file the claim! Contact us directly!

‘Chargeback’ protection
For passengers that paid by a debit card or credit card, one can ask the card provider to ask the money back from Monarch, as one has not received the service. Again, this route is not without difficulties. Let us do the work for you!

7. Can I reclaim the money for a hotel room or car hire booked separately?
This is problematic. Passengers can again check their travel insurance, but the chance to success is little. When paid by credit card, one could try to make a case that these “consequential losses” arose from the non-performance of the contract.