Missed your connecting flight? CLAIM!

mars 18, 2018


Last Wednesday the European Court of Justice (ECJ) confirmed that passengers travelling within the European Union can submit a claim for the local court when they miss their connecting flight because of a delay or a cancellation of their prior flight. 

The case revolved around passengers who had booked connecting flights from Spain to Germany twice. Both trips were delayed during the first leg in Spain, which resulted in missing the connecting flights to Germany. Hence, the passengers suffered a delay of four hours during their first trip and a delay of thirteen hours during the second trip. The passengers, rightfully so, demanded compensation from the operating airline.

The ECJ indicated that in order to submit these kind of claims, the passenger must have purchased the two flights together and the delay (of at least three hours at the final destination) must have been because of an incident during the first leg. It does in this regard not matter if the connecting flight is operated by another airline. FligthClaimEU already has extensive experience with submitting these kind of claims to airlines, however this development establishes a new route: submitting the claim to the court of the country of the final destination. Accordingly, the courts can approach the airline and call upon compensation for the passengers, which makes for a faster and stronger case.

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